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– Patented high visibility matte finish in 11 different color options.
– New oversized core maximizes distance for players with driver club head speeds of 70-100 mph.
– Three piece construction designed to produce lower driver spin & higher wedge spin with a mid-to-high ball flight.
– Matte finish ionomer cover with a 322 dimple pattern for a consistent stable ball flight.
– Volvik compression rating of 75.

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$32.99 $27.99

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Weight 2 lbs

306 reviews for VIVID – Previous Model

  1. ChristyB

    These are the BEST golf balls we’ve ever played!!! They are everything that the description says. These balls are amazing. You hit a tree or bounce them off a cart path and there’s no mark. They play for a long time without a mark on them. The Matte finish was new but it doesn’t affect the ball’s performance. Both my husband and myself play these balls. The only thing wrong with this order was that I ordered the wrong color, but we are going to play them anyway. Our order was processed quickly and shipped right away — we received it exactly on the day promised — you gotta love Amazon.

  2. Daniel P. Northrup

    I’m a 10 handicap. Always played with Titleist Pro-V. These balls, in my opinion outperform the PROv for amateurs like me with slower swing speeds. The matte finish is very unique. High visibility. Love it.

  3. Marseif

    These are the best balls for me I have ever played with. They fly off the club, and are easy to spot. I love them, and will continue to use them. I especially like the matte finish and the bright orange color.

  4. Bobby Pitts

    Everybody loves the color. They play as well as any other ball I use.

  5. Steven Augspurger

    I love this ball. Easy to find and it feels really good off the clubface. Highly recommended.

  6. pat

    A great ball you get longer distance. And easy to see

  7. dwight cochran

    Great balls of fire!!!

  8. noodle9

    Found one of these on the golf course, not sure how it got lost because I can see these better than any other golf ball I’ve used (even at the end of flight). I did some research and it has a very similar construction to a Titliest V1 so I thought I would give them a try. I generally use Callaway Chrome but I’ve now made the switch to these. I get the same distance from them and still have good spin going into the greens. I’m not a great golfer but golf enough to feel the differences in the different ball types and for the price I think these are really good balls

  9. SLF

    Great golf balls, good visibility, distance, and putting control. The matte surface is unique and contributes to flight and roll.

  10. Bcells

    These things are radioactive, almost hurt the eyes to look at. The matte looks awesome!

  11. JCarr

    Super bright. Like, beyond bright. They sometimes feel like I’m hitting rocks though. Not all the time, just some times, I guess on miss-hits? I’d still buy them again though.

  12. GRW

    These balls seem to travel just as far as other well known brands. The big advantage in my mind is the ease to which the ball can be not only be found on the fairway and rough but also tracked through the air.

  13. tedga77

    I love playing with these balls. They have a Matte finish which makes them much easier to spot in the air, than traditional white or even other colored balls. I also feel as though I can focus more clearly during my downswing on the ball.

  14. Speedbump

    Love them.

  15. Patricia Gray

    Great feel for drives and around greens. Live the color and matte finish. I can always tell it is my ball until more people start buying them. Very scuff resistant.

  16. Kimberlee Burgos

    Love them!! And the pink color is so visible.

  17. grandpig

    Like the balls, good transaction.

  18. Virginia J Atkins

    Love this golf ball with the matte finish. It’s easy to spot and, more importantly, I hit it very well and it’s great on the greens.

  19. Rose Hayhow

    gave as a gift. He can’t wait to try them. They work great on the in the house putting green.

  20. Marcellinho

    easy to find and great distance

  21. Jack

    My favorite balls

  22. kc

    very satisfied

  23. Irene E. Burns

    Love these matte balls, very easy to find

  24. dusty

    Love these Vivid Green golf balls. They are very easy to see and they are fairly playable. They perform similar to Titleist NXT Tour S balls but are much easier to see than the yellow Titleist.

  25. R. Davis

    As a golfer of many years who tends to lose white balls, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the Volvik Vivid golf ball. The Vivid green ball that I am using now has survived 36 holes (having found it 2 or 3 times that I would have otherwise lost a white ball), and I will continue to use it until it is gone or too scarred to play. Which leads me to durability. I cannot say that I have played a more durable ball. Its matte finish takes a beating, and has given me no reason to replace the ball after 36 holes. Also (I may be imagining this), I believe that I am hitting this ball longer and straighter more consistently than other balls I have played. Perhaps it’s because I can see it better on the tee or ground, or because its vivid color encourages me to keep my head down longer. I don’t know. This I do know: I like it!

  26. Nancy


  27. bryanbogey

    This is a good ball, but there are many other balls out there that are cheaper and will do the same thing.

  28. T. A. Wheelhouse

    I love the Matte finish

  29. busterM

    Love the color and hit-ability. Should be easier to find on the fairway or shrub.

  30. Andrews

    Love the performance and the finish. However the mat finish seems to stain easily and pick up grass color etc fast. Not so happy about that. Not sure I will order again.

  31. Michael Cowell

    Hole in One in 1 month of playing this ball. Quick Delivery too!

  32. KCSUN

    Great feel and easy to find.

  33. Montana Guy

    Easy to see the ball in flight.

  34. Big worm

    These balls are so easy to locate and go just as far if not further than your more expensive balls

  35. Steve Wojack

    Good ball

  36. jacob filippone

    I have been a scratch golfer and prov1x junkie for the past 10 years. I recently hit a little slump in my game and decided to switch things up a bit. Today I played my 1st round with the volvik vivid red ball and I was amazed. This ball bores thru the wind,spins just enough with the irons and the putting arrow worked well. The amazing thing is that I used the same ball for 18 holes and you could put it with several unplayed new balls and not be able to tell with one I played. I am impressed!!!

  37. Ron Gresley

    My husband loves these Vivid matt white golf balls, quality and performance makes them worth the $.
    Thank u

  38. ama

    I use Titles Pro V most of the time, and this ball seems to be just as good. I love matte finish, and it so easy to find and identify as my ball. Love it!

  39. Fuzzart

    Just what I needed!

  40. Fuzzart


  41. John C. Scrapper

    I like them alot.
    White and Yellow are easy to see and find also.

  42. Bent

    I’m a 7 handicap I’ve play alot of different balls…..and I love these balls

  43. Marilyn Hicks

    Easy to see and work great.

  44. jacob

    The matt finish is great. Color makes finding errant shoots much easier.

  45. Joseph Cuffe

    Best balls I’ve used in a while. Soft feel, good distance. Much like a Pro V1x. Except you can find it in the rough! Color is amazing!

  46. Cyndi

    These are GREAT balls! The color stands out, the feel is soft, the distance and spin are great, though the spin may not be quite as good as PRO VI. I will have to evaluate further. The price is much better than the latter. I will purchase these balls again!

  47. spencer willis

    Nice balls


    They are great i love them

  49. LaToyia K Watkins

    Great color

  50. Mel

    Great ball. Long and straight. Easy to see in sun and low light.

  51. Rich McDowell

    I really love these golf balls will have to try the orange and see how easy they are to see.

  52. AZ

    I can`t loose these balls except in the water

  53. Jim Rogers

    The shade of green color makes it a lot easier to see.

  54. Reese Norris

    Great golf ball and love the color as it is very easy to follow and find

  55. Sean

    Played my first 18 holes with these new Volvik 3 piece balls and I’m pleasantly surprised. Just as long off the tee and with the irons as the ProV-1. Nice feel chipping around the green. Not as soft off the putter face as the ProV-1 but still a solid putting ball. I like the matte look of the cover and the vivid color stands out for sure. Great 3 piece ball and at $18 less than Titleist it is 5 out of 5 stars for Volvik.

  56. Tom R.

    very easy to spot, I like the color. Balls seem to perform well with my 85 mph swing speed.

  57. WGV Chas

    Love these golf balls. Easy to find. Look great flying away against a blue sky.

  58. TC

    Good three peace ball for 30.00 long and very straight. Not to bright as must yellow balls.

  59. Eric Chung

    Love this matt neon green balls. Ordered online and received within 3 days. Price is very affordable compare to some Titleist balls.

  60. Happy Feet

    Easier to see

  61. Bob Rice

    Bought the sherbet orange last week to try, used them today, only one of them. The ball totally surprised me with its distance, straightness,
    off the tee, fairway and putting on the green. I am back to order another dozen. Went in rough on several holes, never lost a ball,
    the ball was great.

  62. scotts33

    Great ball. Easily visible in the air or ground. if you have poor eye sight and have a hard time following the ball in the air on cloudy hazy days the orange or red offer more contrast than a white of yellow ball for many golfers. Easily seen in rough. Only down side would be fall golf with orange/brownish leaves. Great feel off the club head.

  63. paul collins

    Great selection of colors and. Competitive price

  64. kbux

    Got a lot of comments about these matte white – ping pong / hail stone looking balls. Can’t say that they are better than other balls that I’ve played but for the price they were worth a try.

  65. Margaret S.

    Bought these for a friend. She likes the vivid color and how the ball feels when hitting it. Would give it 5 stars if it could cure my friend’s tendency to not keep her head down. :-) Actually, it’s a good ball.

  66. L. A. Dyer, M.S.

    Awesome golf ball and great price. Play golf often. 11 handicap so just good enough to really care about my golf ball. I have been using these for about two months now and will agree with others is that they go a little further than my precious balls (titleist NXT and Calloway chrome soft). Good control off the club face and less slice/hook. The hardest part is deciding which cool color I want to use.

  67. Jackie A. Bass


  68. GOOSE

    Easy to see and feel great when you square them up. Will buy moe

  69. Fred Maute

    8.4 index. Great ball. As long as pro v1, very soft around the greens. And it never gets lost.

  70. S Zimmerman

    Great golf balls!!

  71. Diane E. Marr

    Great balls

  72. C.H.

    I was a bit skeptical when I read that these balls played like Pro V-1’s, but, after playing several rounds with them, I found it to be true, maybe even a littler better than the Pro V-1. This is my new golf ball, I love them!

  73. Mark C. Rosal

    These are very, very good balls for those playing something akin to a Titleist NXT Tour with a little more spin than a Titleist Velocity.

    I agree with the other comments around the high visibility. It can take a little adjustment the first couple times off the tee because of the contrast in brightness against the green grass.

    These balls seem pretty durable as well. It may be because of the matte finish or the color that may hide any blemishes but the balls genuinely don’t seem to scuff too easily.

    The only reason I gave it four instead of 5 yards is that I wish the ball flight were a tiny bit higher. That’s why I say it’s somewhere between an NXT Tour and a Velocity.

  74. DT

    These are my FAVORITE golf balls. The orange and especially RED are so easy to find if you aren’t dead center in the fairway. Distance is good. I’m sold. My go to golf ball. I’ve purchased 2 packs now.

  75. Richard V.

    Super golf ball. I can easily tell which ball is mine, and can find it easily regardless of the surroundings.

  76. R. Harlow

    Love these balls. No need to mark your ball anymore. Chances are very good that no one you are playing with or that is on the course has these. They are so easy to find and track during flight. The florescent green color is addictive. You will find others that want to help you find your ball just because it’s so cool looking. I also find it easier to hit than white balls. Also, the line with the arrow at the end is great when lining up your putt. Honestly, I don’t see any great improvement in distance with these. Maybe a few more yards, but the other benefits are worth using it. Feels good off the putter. Volvik has a great product here. I suppose more people will be using it soon so I’ll have to invest in some type of marker in the future.

  77. Pants

    My daughter has been using Volviks for years and loves them. The Vista was a good fit for her swing speed. The colors were much easier to find on the coarse. Vivids replaced the Vista. The Vivids worked just as well for her. And surprisingly, we both thought the matt finish was even easier to find than the glossy.

  78. Latman

    Love the way this ball looks on the green grass. As long as your not colorblind, it will blend in. Don’t think I’m getting quite the compression as the other high end balls like proV and Bridgestone tour ball.

  79. lmack

    Can’t miss these ….. great distance and green feel.

  80. gave

    Good flight and compression for older golfers.

  81. Steven Harris

    Excellent ball!

  82. JBN

    Very durable, decent spin with the wedges. Love the vivid green, I’ll buy more of these.
    Distance off the driver is comparable to PRO V1, Callaway Chrome Soft, etc. Spin off the wedge is nearly as strong as PRO V1.
    Seem to be pretty durable and certainly are easier to find.
    They attract some attention, that’s for sure. Everybody wants to look at them.

  83. Wallace Sparks

    Very easy see in flight and on the ground, great distance, good spin on approach

  84. Zanoni

    Easy to see in flight and stand out on fairway and greens. great ball for the price.

  85. chris


  86. steven schuitema

    Love these golf balls. Have never had one come apart and the feel is terrific! Plus the color is just totally cool. Played with all the colors and love them.

  87. TFuller

    love the color

  88. C172Pilot

    I love these golf balls. They are excellent. Easy to find in the rough – where I end up a lot. Bright green were more expensive and I don’t understand why, it’s just paint.

  89. Kitty

    So, my wife bought a box of these because she wanted to give them a try. She’s a good golfer and can easily tell the difference between different brands/compressions of balls. She likes the Bridgestone E6, I like the Titleist NXT’s; but I digress. At first I hated these Volvik balls because I thought they were short on distance and hard as stones. But, after three rounds of using them, I’ve fallen in love with them. They’re not short by any means, in fact they are longer then the Titleist balls I’ve been using. They are good around the greens, and best of all, they go straight. That is: they do not magnify your mis-hits. They are a little firmer then the Bridgestone E6 or Titleist NXT’s; kind of similar to the ProV1 in that regard. The only caveat I would offer is that I do believe they may be better suited to golfers with a little higher swing speed.

  90. Dan A Cook

    I love these balls. I like them so much I may never play another ball.

  91. Bonnie Montgomery

    These have a dull finish that I am not fond of but hit great.

  92. JJK

    Love Volik

  93. 17Jrod

    I’m usually a brand-whore and hit Titleist ProV and ProV-1 but I thought I’d change it up a bit. These balls fly farther off my 3W than Titleist, and have just as much feel for my short irons. I’ve already taken out all other balls from my bag (except my junk/throw-away/anger-management balls). The green is very visible, but I was having trouble picking up the orange… it is fall, and leaves are changing so that didn’t help. It’s almost easier to find them when you’re not looking for them. Meaning if you just scan the area it jumps out at you versus focusing on seeing the ball. Anyway, these are my golf balls from now on. Good product.

  94. Lumen

    I love these matte balls. I was skeptical at first but your average distance is not affected, and they are easier to find. They also come in different colors.


    Very visible in flight as well as all positions on the golf course.

  96. julie tuin

    The only ball I use from now on

  97. Lapuente

    Fun matte finish…good performance

  98. jim m

    Love them – but hard to find in white

  99. Robert G.


  100. Ken Asay

    great ball long for us older guys

  101. KATHY G-S

    Love all the Volvik balls. Soft contact with club and get good distance. Easier to find on course. Love putting with a matte ball. I understand other manufacturers to follow with their own version of matte and colored balls….

  102. najeeb


  103. AC

    I have played other more expensive golf balls for years, these balls performed as well as better than my previous ball. Distance was a little more, chipping and putting they have a great feel. I would highly recommend them

  104. Papagorgio

    One of the best balls I’ve played great at night too

  105. Peter Y.

    Great golf ball and very easy to see in fairway or rough. Especially with leaves starting to fall in the Midwest.

  106. Rod Friedman

    Excellent golf ball, able to hit further, rolled well when putting. highly recommended

  107. Annette Hersh

    I really like the distance I am getting from Volvik golf balls, and the colored ones hit just as nice. It is really fun to hear the comments I get from the VIVID RED golf ball when I place it on the tee! Most everyone says they need sunglasses to look at it because it is so bright!

  108. Michael Manthey

    Great price and excellent golf balls.

  109. Frank Tinsley

    Its a great ball,long soft feel sometimes the gren does not stand out but hit them strait you won’t have that problem!

  110. Linda Tomporowski

    This color is so easy to spot either on or off fairway. I LOVE Volvik Vivids and only use them now!

  111. Ric Sarro

    Great balls. Good distance and feel. Bright optics are easy to see.

  112. Steve

    good balls

  113. Ben Baker

    Love this golf ball. I still use the Wilson Duo and the Bridgestone E-6. All have a great feel. Note that I’m an Average golfer.

  114. Kevin Shipbaugh


  115. archie ford

    Balls play well for me. Shared with fellow players who placed an order for his own.

  116. Dennis Miller

    Love this ball, and have tried them all. My swing speed is 85mph.

  117. Diane VonDette

    I love these balls. Maybe my imagination but they hit better and put better.

  118. Stephen L Crosby

    Everyone should give these golf balls a try. I find them to be the best I have played. Colors allow for easy finding especially this time of year with leaves blowing all over the course

  119. W. Daw

    Not as long as my regular ball but it saves me a lot of time because they are so much easier to spot. That means more time to concentrate on the game. They play well enough so that I will use them regularly but not all of the time – just depending on the conditions.

  120. Eric Garrett

    I love the distance from these balls. I do tend to loose them once they start to descend to the ground. a little harder to pickup when looking for them in high rough

  121. William Redray

    These are a nice change from the traditional white balls. I did not notice any change in my game when using but I seemed to be able to find them a little better when I hit them out of the fairway (Which is often). If you can get used to the fact that they look like an egg on your tee, then give them a try.

  122. JP M.

    This is a very good product for me the color is great easy to see in taller ruff.Drives long off the tee . Very good product I would buy it again.

  123. Kindle Customer

    As a prov1 player, I switched to these and couldn’t be happier. Super long, and great feel around the green

  124. Child of Mecha

    Yellow matte golf balls. High visibility.

  125. Timothy Pratt

    Takes off from the club head, and if you’re as erratic as I am, you’ll have no problem finding and identifying your ball.

  126. brettnash

    I like these a lot. Very easy to see during the brown grass season. ;) they spin pretty well around the greens (similar to the q-star) and seem to be pretty hot of the tee. I like them and they will probably be my go to off season ball from now on. We will see how they play in the spring and summer months

  127. Marcus K. Chavez

    Best ball i’ve ever used

  128. 1aspenhill

    Grandson loves them

  129. BCP

    Excellent golf balls… Wish I didn’t keep losing them though. Stupid trees and water hazards.

  130. Edwin L.

    Given as gift.

  131. Andrea Perez

    Great golf balls, so easy to see. Haven’t lost one yet.

  132. LURP

    Balls do fine in wintertime. They compress when it is cold.

  133. O S A R

    This was a gift

  134. cus

    Love these balls. Great playability and durable not to mention the are easy to pick out and easier to find on those errant shots.

  135. Loismac

    everything I wanted in a golf ball

  136. Eli

    These golf balls to me are so good for women! They are soft and go far. AND I can see them in the fairway!!! for being 63yrs old. Thank you

  137. select

    Nothing to not like. Good price and performance is great.

  138. Williams

    Love them!

  139. daffodhil

    They loved them. Great vivid color! Recommend!

  140. Sam Wiley

    Good golf ball.. I hit the cartpath on a long drive.. and it didn’t even put a scuff in it! Durable for sure.

  141. Dennis Stephen

    My wife loves these golf balls. Loves the color!

  142. John S. McNeil

    Awesome golf ball. Outperforms my prov1’s.

  143. Eric

    Great feel and flight!

  144. Vegas702

    These golf balls are some of the best I have ever played with. I’m not a pro golfer by any means so the brightness of the matte colors really stand out in the grass. I have played three rounds with these balls and only lost one ball.

  145. Fierro

    Great ball! Good distance and soft around greens.

  146. Steve W. Wisdom

    I like the ball. 3 stars because I tried the blue first. Note: Don’t buy the blue. you can’t see it off the T. makes sense. blue ball ,blue sky. So I purchased the orange. Much better. Again I like the ball.

  147. Andrea D

    Long flight and easy to find.

  148. andrea walker

    Boyfriend loved the gift, here had zero complaints. Bought it in time for his Florida trip and he was all smiles that I thought of him 😊

  149. Buttonwood

    The color of these balls is unique. They are painted in such a way that it appears the color goes into the ball and, is so rich a color I bought them because I lose too many balls in the woods. Couldn’t happen with these. First drive? Fade into the woods. LOST. But still love the color. They come in other rich colors.

  150. Mike Quinn

    Great product!

  151. shipgolf

    I love these golf balls. They are easy to see in tall grass and in the air. They are as long as my ProV1’s. I am a 71 year old teaching pro and recommend these golf balls to all of my students as well as my golf friends.

  152. DebO

    Love these…. not just the look (so I can find them), but also how they hit. I don’t have a super fast club speed, so I like these

  153. Hunter

    Played with these in the past, incredible balls

  154. Arlene Fletcher

    I love hitting them and the best part, I can see where this brilliant orange ball goes.

  155. Kearney J. Ford

    Love the color. These won’t spin like a pro-v1 but IMO those 1 or 2 strokes are made up for by finding this ball every time. Love the green, was afraid of green on green grass but nope, sticks out like crazy.

    They are a bit harder to clean, the matte makes mud stick more. I might try Vivid XT non-matte for this reason only.

  156. Colsanders

    The golf ball was easy to find on the fairway and the color was bright. I have played with volvik before and thought the compression made it travel better than average distance. Perform equally as well around the green.

  157. M D

    wonderful balls, thanks a lot

  158. Jaybirdy

    I loved that they are so easy to find out on the course. I’m just a beginner, but they are already my favorite balls. I accidentally hit one in the pond and was heartbroken I couldn’t find it. Highly recommended.

  159. Alisha

    Cool colors, hit really nice.

  160. Robert Melvin

    They go long off the Driver but just wish they had a little more green side spin

  161. nicole

    Great golf ball! Matte Finish White are super sweet.

  162. nicole

    Great golf the look as well.
    Little tricky to see when landing afar. Tends to blend with green at further distances. But easy to see with 30+- yards .

  163. Michelle Ellsworth


  164. Shawn Caldwell

    Nice golf balls, arrived quick, no issues.

  165. Alex

    These golf balls are awesome . I believe they measure up well with the other big name golf balls out there . Easy to see off the tee , on the fairway and in the rough .

  166. M. Hayes

    These balls are tremendous….they truly fly and give you 20-30 yards more distance. Really like the lime and yellow colored balls. The orange and red colored balls are a little harder to follow…especially the red

  167. Rincon Golfer

    Love these balls not so much for the distance, but don’t get me wrong they fly pretty nicely. But the ease to find them quickly is great. They have a nice roll on the greens. Prefer the XT but they are to pricey.

  168. K. voegele

    Found one of these on the golf course so I decided to play it the final 3 holes. Beats the e6 speed distance wise and flys as straight. It was a hot day so the balls all seemed to fly well. The volvik however was easily 15 yards longer and on the final hole I drove a shorter par 4 into the wind! Never done that before. Easy birdie. I promptly went an bought 12 more for further evaluation. I have been playing the e6 for years … but the volvik seems to beat it. My swing speed is 96-98 MPH on driver. 80 compression seems to help me avoid a fade and provides good distance.

  169. eric b.


  170. Addie

    Great ball if you have a hard time tracking your ball in flight. Very visible. A little slow on the greens though. I love them.

  171. Susanne M. Furman

    Volvik makes a great ball! The colors make it more fun.

  172. Javier

    Great golf balls youll never lost a ball again

  173. Linda D.

    Love the color and the matte finish.

  174. Jim Brenden

    Good golf balls. Love the orange color. Easy to find in the ruff.

  175. Sent wrong Size.

    I loved the color! Easier to see in Flight and easier to see on the ground. Played along aside partner playing the usual yellow ball and this stood out. The ball performed as well as any i have played. I really like the feel around the Green.

  176. pat

    I bought these for a friend. She loves them and it’s a better price than we could find otherwise.

  177. pat


  178. jb

    Great balls! I love playing with these balls. If I am going to play with balls, these are the best. Easy to see too.

  179. Robert

    Great feel and distance. Easy to spot in the rough. Love how they feel off the putter. Starting to get too pricy though.

  180. Robert

    Favorite golf ball!

  181. Jill L Hively

    Great distance ball… A color most other players don’t usually have. Easy to find on the fairways and in the ruff but can be hard to track in flight.

  182. USMC24

    Really love these balls. They are so bright they really stand out. Makes it much easier to find on errant shots. The feel is super cool too. Very soft on the greens.

  183. chloecatmom

    These are great, and truly are vivd. Almost hard to look at the red ones.

  184. Tru

    I usually play Volvik vivids. Decided to give these a shot. Thanks

  185. James Mitchell

    love this ball. Easy to see the flight and responds well off the driver, irons and putter

  186. Gregg

    Very good. Used the matte yellow and green. Hit them longer than any other ball. Easy to find too on those bad shots.

  187. Willow

    Favorite ball. A++

  188. stan

    Love the color. No dislikes other than high price

  189. Cazier

    It’s always great to have something different, the color and texture of these are just that different!

  190. christopher

    Love them

  191. Shopping Queen

    My very favorite golf balls.

  192. P C Daws


  193. mike

    great item

  194. T. Beaulieu

    I’ve really been enjoying playing the Volviks. I have several colors. They driver people nuts, which I also enjoy. The play nice, put nice. I really think these are a premium ball and not a gimmick. The blue color is decent. It looks really odd, sitting in the rough – like a Robbin’s egg! It looks even more odd, going into the white cup!

  195. delane r olson

    Responds well to proper swing.
    The bright green is easy to follow and find.
    I like them.

  196. Becky

    Love these golf balls. They are comfortable to hit, and with the matte orange color, they are so easy to follow. You don’t lose them in the white clouds and they really stand out in the green grass. So glad to have found these used by a friend. Tried the green ones and just cannot follow them as well.

  197. Stormy

    Haven’t lost a ball since I purchased the red ones.

  198. daffodhil

    Great color and quality! Very easy to see on the golf course!!

  199. Eric

    Amaizng ball. Soft feel, super easy to find except for during twilight hours when the angle of the sun makes all the green leaves neon green. Overall, love the ball. Great for putting.

  200. Hs12

    Haven’t used them yet, but I love the color! And I really like other Volviks I’ve used.

  201. seavon

    Love the way it improves my “more mature swing” to get the distance and accuracy

  202. Phillip W Taylor

    Love these

  203. Terry Scott

    A very good golf ball. It a very soft feel and is easy to see.

  204. Clint Humphrey

    Excellent golf balls. I can see the ball again.

  205. gayle brunsvold

    Good as any golf ball as far as I can see. thanks

  206. Danny Heberlie

    The Volvik vivid matte green finish is very easy to spot in the fairway or the rough on the golf course

  207. Brad W

    I like these balls for distance control and visibility. I’m a 14 handicap

  208. L. Williams

    These were a gift I bought for my son who is a golfer and he loves them. Well made and easy to see.

  209. aon

    Great balls of fire

  210. Gwynne

    Hubby likes the look of them. While he didn’t notice any extra yardage, he enjoys the compliments he receives on how they look. Positive is that he didn’t loose distance.

  211. Sean F.

    Really enjoy the red and orange colors, though I’ve found orange stands out better.

    Hit great off the tee and are decent around the greens. Putts are solid as well.

  212. Nobody

    Easy to see for aging golfers. Also added about 5-10 yds distance to all clubs.

  213. Leo Espino

    Used Volvik Bright Green balls at a league tournament earlier this year. Some of the guys teased me on how bright they were. They poked fun until my score was posted at the end of the tournament (net 68.6). Good enough for 1st place that day! I’ve been using them ever since. Explosive distance off the tee and plenty soft around the greens. Putts very well too. Easy to spot on the fairway or rough. I especially like the fact I could see the ball on the tee really well. I’ve been struggling with eyesight here lately. No problem with seeing these balls. Highly recommend the bright green.

  214. Linda

    New Volvik dull golf balls give great feel and distance.

  215. Tubs and More Supply

    after two severe eye surgeries, these help me find them better in MOST grass

  216. Scott L

    Loved the look of the color. Unfortunately could not see the ball on the way down…couldn’t even see it on the green from 90 yds away….bought 2 dozen, retuned 1, will give away 3 sleeves. As far as Volvik VIVID, I love them… just the blue stinks

  217. Tristan

    My favorite ball

  218. ktc214

    Low spin rate hit the ball straighter

  219. Jason M. Sawicki

    Once you developed your golf game, one can concentrate about feeling. Just like ones golf clubs you use your sense of feeling. Does it feel solid and right. Golf balls are much the same. I like the soft feel of the golf ball, and the Vivid feels right for me. As a price point, it is still to high a price for me.

  220. Louis Adam Campbell

    Great golf balls but they do blend into the sky a bit more than expected making it hard to follow them when whacking em them down the fairway. I had expected a more vivid blue I that would stand out against other blues, not the fault of anyone but myself. They are easy to spot on the ground for sure. I liked the ball enough to have bought another set, just different color.

  221. Terry Augustus

    How far they fly and how they stop on the green

  222. Dan C

    Very cool looking ball, great feel and distance. Would not recommend using when sun is going down or if it’s cloudy, became hard to see even in the fairway.

  223. JFR

    I’ve been playing Volvik vivids for over 4 years – I love everything about them – the matte finish, the feel off the tee and on the green and the way they almost glow in the dark – on the fairways and greens as well as when ( not lost because of the color ) in the woods
    I took some lessons and the Pro said that they are too soft for my swing speed – my current handicap of 13 ( down from 20+) makes me hesitant to explore a new ball

  224. Bill Bonnet

    Dont let the bright color fool you. This is a great golf ball. First, its very easy to see, visible til it comes to a complete stop without squinting. 2nd, Its a 3 piece ball so if you can hit a ball 250 or farther, you should be playing that type of ball. Distance is as good or better than a variety of other top tier balls ive played. 3rd, they are soft chipping and putting. And finally, when you do shank one, its much easier to find!
    BTW, I highly recomment the yellow color as it is more visible than the red.

  225. Raiderman444

    Forgiving, true…..but you have to push your putts a little harder!!

  226. Marcos Garcia

    Ball works great for my swing speed (-100) and easy to find on the course.

  227. David Perkins

    Perfect!! Shipping time was right in and the balls were brand new and perfect

  228. anonymous

    This ball is long and straight of the tee. Very easy to track your ball too. It’s like shooting a tracer round. Not too shabby with chipping either. But that’s where the fun ended. This ball is a disaster to putt. It’s like putting a rock! I just can’t get used to it putting. I love hitting it but it’s not a complete package.

  229. Hello

    A little pricey IMO but fun to hit. Easy to find.

  230. J

    Exactly as pictured and exactly the same as the balls I would buy from the golf store!

  231. Ken Anderson

    playing golf

  232. Age G

    Easy to spot and have a great feel and finish to them.

  233. CTGolfer

    Bright color, stands out on fairway and tree line. Great roll on greens. Due to matte finish, takes a tiny bit longer to clean grass off ball for morning rounds. Also bought red and purple to see what which is best to locate once the leaves fall. I’ll update review within a few weeks.

  234. J.B.

    I bought these after someone let me try a bright red one. I liked the performance of the ball around the greens but felt like a super ball when struck with an iron. Kind of a dead thump sound and feel. The ball is very bright so it glows in flight which is nice however I found it more difficult to see on grass than a white ball. The red was frightening so I went with this color. The flat finish is interesting but I find it marks easily. Most marks come off but I felt I was constantly wiping them off. These are kind of fun but I find them more of a novelty than a ball I play because it lowers my scores. In the end I gave these a 3 overall but they could have gone a 4 for performance. I like them around the green so now I use them for chipping practice in the back yard. They are great for that.

  235. douglas l duong

    I bought these for my tennis elbow (actually in my case is golf elbow)
    Been practice too much golf , end up hurting the tendons.
    Ever since use these , now I am hooked . Got to put them on every time I play golf
    So I have more confident without fear of hurting my tendons.
    Happy with purchase

  236. daniel onufry

    Great color

  237. Jonathon Jurisch

    These have a great feel to them and definitely get noticed. I find them easy to track against the sky when blue or gray. They are pretty easy to find in the tall grass too and nobody questions if it’s their ball or not.

  238. Robert Weitz

    A very good ball for playing golf! Easy to see in the grass, sand and in my case too often in a lake. It gives me an extra 25ft distance.

  239. Rocky

    Really nice ball. Like the distance and control of this ball. Easy to see.

  240. FBsport

    I’ve found some Volviks over the summer, so thanks guys! Performance is very good, comparable to other brands. As for color, the Sherbet Orange is my favorite with Green a close second. Then regular Orange. These three are easy to see in the sky and easy to find in the rough or woods. The Blue is harder to follow in flight, so would not buy it. Before next season I will buy the Sherbet Orange and the Green.

  241. Robb McBride

    I bought 4 dozen of different balls and these were the best for my game play. Good distance and holds up pretty good.

  242. amac

    I like these balls a lot. I always play with color balls and these are the softest feeling ones I’ve tried. The spin us great. Try these

  243. indianscoach

    I like the color (yellow) and the feel….I don’t think I get any better distance or control, but I like the Volvik. The matte finish seems to have a good sound too….may just be my imagination. Nice golf balls.

  244. sandy brownfield

    I love these golf balls. I like the color . Makes it easy to find them.

  245. Garea51

    great feeling ball with good distance and control

  246. Garea51

    great feel

  247. l zimmerman

    Matt color

  248. Tracy Ulacco

    Excellent pillow/case

  249. Mike C.

    These balls are great. The color really stands out in the fairways and the rough. It’s the only color that doesn’t seem to blend in.

  250. CharlieG304

    Love it! Great Color! Would buy more if they were less expensive. Lots of water on our golf course!

  251. larry redmond

    easy to follow and see

  252. Allison P.

    Great additional Christmas gift after hubby showed interest in these at a local sporting goods store. Price is comparable if not cheaper. Interesting composite & structure… but great reviews by semi pro and pro players. Packaging was fine and he’ll enjoy playing with these once the weather improves.

  253. Charles B.

    Love these golf balls. Great distance and awesome visibility.

  254. chris

    This shade of white seems to stand out in the fall beer than the typical white but what happened to the dimples? The matte colors are almost smooth to the touch but I haven’t yet decided if that has affected ball play or not.

  255. ally

    My boyfriend loves these! They hit well, and the colors are truly vibrant, I got him a jade set for his bday and a vibrant red set for Christmas, very impressed with them

  256. Justin Case

    I am ordinarily a Titleist Pro-V guy, but during a fall round of golf, my partner shared some of these Volviks.
    1. They are advertised as “hard to lose”, which was why were using them in the autumn amid falling leaves. They ARE hard to lose…something about the matte finish makes their colors really pop.
    2. Now…for the important part: they have the same feel as my Titleists, which is why I ordered them. They really explode off the club face, and distance is comparable to Pro-V’s. Very pleased with these golf balls.

  257. tonya k DAmico

    As described

  258. Mary L. Wallace

    Cool balls, will hope they play well once it gets warmer out. Love the finish!

  259. J. Robben

    Boyfriend loves them for golf

  260. TC

    Good buy and I got them quickly

  261. C. Shelman

    awesome gift they loved it!

  262. C. Shelman

    They loved it!

  263. Leigh n Kuenne Rusnak

    Best golf balls ever. Love the color as well.

  264. John, Dunedin, Fla

    Great golf balls. Really cool color. I like the soft cover. Nice feel near the greens. Good value.

  265. Michelle Hirzel

    These golf balls are fantastic!!!

  266. Angela A West

    The color was more soft red or pink

  267. DT

    These are my favorite balls. Use them all of the time. Great distance. Just need to ignore those that say golf balls need to be white. The RED and ORANGE golf balls are easy to track in flight and they are easy to find. If you tend to hit into the rough and sometimes woods, these balls are easy to spot. I also like walking up to the balls and know which is mine. However, the BLUE version is awful to see in flight and to find on the ground. I would NOT recommend BLUE.

  268. Kenneth Ross

    These are my favorite balls and so easy to see. Until they come up with GPS tracking inside the ball I am going to go with these !.

  269. PBL

    Love the distance and love the feel. Boy is it hard to find if you are off the fairway.

  270. John D. Clouse, Jr

    I like the color and they will work as expected

  271. Redtye

    Long ball off the tee

  272. Witsend

    I love these balls. As long as they are available, I will be opting for for them. Love my pro v but it’s fairly comparable across the board. I golf in Austin, TX so I can survive playing top tier goofballs off of just what I find in the woods. These are the only balls that I ever pay for. Visibility on the ground is great. They kind of vanish in the air as they get closer to the ground so you have to pay close attention, particularly on your drives.

  273. Seikwang Chung

    I love this nice color ball… for a short game or practice.
    Well, red was not easy to be found in the field, unfortunately.
    Especially matte finish reflects less light than any other traditional one. it makes much harder to find the ball.
    So I couldn’t give 5 stars.
    Actually, it’s a general fact rather than a defect of this ball.
    I recommend other colors practically.

  274. Rick

    Love these golf balls! I shot my lowest round ever 83 and hit a hole in one on a 117 yard par 3! Not even kidding! My only comment is despite the neon the red is actually pretty difficult to track in the air! I’m going to buy the green as I’ve read that this is actually the best to track on a course! Overall, I will be a Volvik ball user for life!

  275. cory

    Good balls

  276. Michael G Medio

    Hope these keep me from donating balls to the golf gods. Good feel off the club and sem to prerform well.

  277. Gr82bavol

    Love these golf balls and easy to see and find on course

  278. Stephanie p.

    The distance is great!!! Easy to follow and find! Truly is the next generation golf ball!!
    Just wish you could personalize them! But great purchase, bought two dozen of them so the wife is happy and good for awhile!

  279. Patrick

    The best ball

  280. GSM Florida Group, Corp

    Great as always

  281. Anthony Johnson

    I love them and will order them again!!!!

  282. JC Good

    Great ball! Love the Jade! Have used 4 different colors and like them all! Very high quality

  283. Scott Human

    My fav ball! They go long!

  284. Shawn Thompson

    These are my favorite golf balls I have used. I called in Utah all the time. These are very easy to see against the green grass. I highly recommend these golf balls!

  285. Becky H.

    Love the ball and color

  286. kb.brian

    Easy to find, no real issues

  287. FAST FRED

    Fly as far as any on the market

  288. Vikki J

    Great ball for women – gives me great yardage and the feel is soft with great impact.

  289. marc mularz

    Very visible. Good distance off of the tee. Not crazy spin, which is good off the tee and less good around the greens. Putting feel is acceptable, not soft like a Pro V1, but not a rock either.

  290. me


  291. Nancy


  292. Resa Wald

    As advertised exactly

  293. lucasmc

    I love these balls. They have a great feel when driving, hitting irons, chipping or putting. They go as far as any other ball I’ve ever used and possibly farther. Their optic colors make them stand out on the ground.

  294. Al

    Golf balls were exactly as expected! They’re very vibrant so it’s easy to track down on the golf course.

  295. Varnell A. Moon Sr

    I’m happy with the balls around the greens

  296. Chris

    best looking golf ball i’ve played with.

  297. Viper

    Like these! Easy to spot and helped me focus on the ball when swinging. Plus, the matte finish is just cool!

  298. jim johns

    like the color and softness

  299. Merritt Joyce

    I got these balls as a gift, love the ball, got better distances ,spin, and did I say easy to find after you hit it in the fairway or not in the fairway,I will be buying more of these golf balls soon.

  300. Eric

    Wife loves them

  301. HB

    Great balls lovely color easy to spot. Enjoyed playing with them.

  302. 8122040040

    I will buy them again

  303. Donna Jean

    It was a gift for my son. He loved them!

  304. Eric

    Wife loved them while they lasted. But she lost them all. Great golf ball but if you compress the ball a good amount you will peel the cover every time

  305. Keith Hardy

    Great item great peice quick delivery.

  306. Bill Carney

    First off, I suck at golf and I lose a lot of balls. For my usual rounds, I like to use cheaper colored balls that give me a chance to find it if I put it in the rough or the woods but I don’t worry too much. My buddies and I do a little golf trip in the fall and with the leaves, the tall grass more brown, it can be near impossible to find a standard white or yellow or even orange ball.

    Last year I bought 3 of these to try on our trip, pink, green, and yellow, and they were great. Of the three, yellow are bright but aren’t that much better than a regular yellow ball in my opinion. The pink and the green saved me a few strokes and I need all the help I can get!

    In terms of feel, they get decent distance but feel soft. Again, I suck though so don’t listen to me about that.

    Gonna get more for this year’s trip. Can’t wait to lose them!

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