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– Low Driver Spin, High Launch and More Distance driven by Volvik’s Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core.
– Patented Matte Finish and Vibrant Colors.
– Minimized Glare on Ball Surface promotes Concentration and Improved Ball Striking.
– Vivid Colors were developed to improve Increased Visibility in Flight and on the Ground.
V•A•S (Volvik Alignment System) Created as a visual key off the tee and on the green.




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Weight 2 lbs
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Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

2 reviews for NEW VIVID

  1. campinghippie (verified owner)

    I am giving these a 5 because I absolutely love love love the vivid golf balls. I hit the crap out of them and they are soft around the green and I love to be loud with my colors lol. With the new vivids I ordered the pink and the blue. If I was rating them separately I would give them obviously the same 5 star on performance but would rate the Blue a 2 on color. Reason being that although it is a cool color they are about impossible to track off the tee. I thought they were going to be the same blue as the last vivids that were a really cool bright blue color but they are not. They are not bright all and I lost several balls that I even saw the flight some of the way and should have been just slightly off the fairway in a short rough. Most though you can’t even see off the tee and that includes the whole 4some. So long story short. Stick to the actual VIVID colors and you can’t go wrong!….and they need to bring back the old blue. I’m still a vivid man through and through though! Even picked up a Vivid hat with my last order that I sport every time I go out!

  2. (verified owner)

    Similar to another reviewer, I love these golf balls. The are long, soft feeling both around and on the green. I will continue to buy these balls. The only reason I did not give a 5 star review is again similar to another reviewer – the colors have changed. With the 2018 version the orange color was darker/deeper orange and I could see the ball in the air. I had switched to the organge color because the lighter sherbert orange was very difficult to see off the club. The new Vivid orange is ligher and very close to the older sherbert orange and much harder to see in the air. I love the ball but please return to the 2018 model colors.

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