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– Maximum visibility thanks to the bright colors & semi-transparent cover.
– Extreme distance provided by highly resilient soft power core.
– Stable and consistent ball flight provided by innovative aerodynamic technology.
– Longer distance & superior control
– Consistent and accurate green control.
– Soft and comfortable feel



Choose from over 30 color options and two distinct cover finishes from the KING of COLOR……….VOLVIK!

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Weight 2 lbs
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Assorted, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

144 reviews for Crystal

  1. kat

    Bought these for my dad and he loves them. This is the only brand/type he will play with. He highly recommend these golf balls.

  2. Chip

    Volvik with the iV and now with the 3 piece crystal (which is different from the 2 piece crystal) might well make the best playing colored balls on the planet. I really liked the Bridgestone 330rx but I happened to like the pink color, easy to see in the air and grass. Bridgestone decided to stop making the pink so I tried some 3 piece crystals, the color is very vibrant and I think they equal the 330rx around the green but are longer off the tee

  3. Kenneth Cameron

    This golf ball is good off the tee and also shots into and around the green. Very nice to putt with. Has arrow for those that use an arrow to line up their putt

  4. Susan Pickett

    I like them

  5. Susan Pickett

    I use to make fun of my friends using colored golf balls, but since I bought these, I will never use anything else. I love these golf balls. I can’t figure out which color I like the best. Also, when you do go in the rough, they are so easy to find because the color is so neon. And they don’t mark up like some of the golf balls I have used. The other nice thing is you always know which ball is yours when looking for it on the fairway or the green. Cannot say enough about these golf balls. I will be ordering more.

  6. Glenn T Anderson

    I like them! bought them for a lower compressing ball.
    Getting old And swing speed at 81 same ass my age.
    Wanted The color to be able to find them
    Lost 3 the first two days,,Same color as the leaves.
    I want a Ball with a magnet in the center like a ball Bering (Size)
    Then a metal detector that look like a driver.

  7. joe

    I play golf with My Mom, I’m an adult male. These are awesome, I knew they would be. The 2 of us have way different swing speeds and these increased our distance greatly. Very hard to lose, just about impossible. I’ll be buying more. There is a great review on these by an LPGA Pro, it’s spot on. […]

  8. joe

    I got the Oranges for Myself. Mixed for My Mom, We love them. I wrote a review on these earlier, We love the LPGA players who use these, they actually suggested that We try them at an autograph signing. Really sweet Ladies. Also I read a great review on Bunkers Paradise. They have a great feel, a great look, I am going to try the Vista as well, because I have a faster swing speed than My Mother but We love these. Definitely worth the money. We’re on a budget, I know the price is high, but they are worth it. Super happy We got these. I love Orange, Yellow is….. well it’s in a Yellow all it’s own. Pink and Green look great. Super soft feel, cuts through the air well. Played our first windy day this past weekend and they did very well cutting through the wind. They’ve made Us better golfer’s I believe with a boost of confidence & great feel & look.

  9. Cynthia

    I am a 67-year-old golfer of three years. I love the game, but I’m not good enough yet to make sure all my shots hit the actual course! With these balls, I not only get a soft feel when I hit the ball (important if everything already hurts!), but I can find my ball, wherever it goes. As a result, even though these balls are not the cheapest up front, they last a long time. I have been playing the latest one for three rounds without losing it–and it’s been in some pretty weird places! Besides all that, they are so pretty!

  10. Debra Henry

    Found my distance improved with this golf ball. The color is bright and easy to see. I won’t be changing from Volvik.

  11. Joe J Chvatal

    Good golf ball, nice tragectory and good distance. The hot pink is a conversation starter and maybe not for those who have trouble with their masculinety. The colors are all very easy to see in flight and find from a long distance away. Thought they were a little pricey, but I would recommend them. The D2 version might be more suitable for most golfers and it has a better price point.

  12. Virginia Kavanagh

    The ball goes as far as any i have tried and It spins and stops well on the green. The orange color makes It easy to follow and find.

  13. Allana Kondisko

    Love these ! I can see them easily among the ruff and the leaves…I can find my ball quickly and don’t loose them…they also fly true and far…

  14. VoxS

    I tried these oddly-colored balls sort of as a lark… I’ve used balls of almost all colors — iridescent, yellow, shiny blue and green and gold — and found them to be a little more difficult to find than regular old white balls in most golf environments. These balls — which appear to be close to the International Orange used for nautical lifeboats and life vests — are, however, the most visible things around. Irrespective of lighting conditions or lie — even in early morning dew with low-angle sunlight — they are easy to spot and very hard to lose. As an 18 handicap golfer, these balls were OK for me — but not ideal — in terms of the way they play. The 3-piece ball design would be great for a lower handicapper, but I tend to put a bit of sidespin on the ball unintentionally — with the result that these balls hook or slice noticeably more than a comparable 2-piece ball. From my standpoint, this ball would be great for a 10 or so handicapper, but the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is a better choice for a hacker like me!

  15. Tom Dahl

    Love the bright orange color, especially when I’ve hit the ball into the rough or low trees. Ball goes just as far as my Titilist pro V1 and just as soft as my Wilson Duo. I’m now using the orange Crystal for playing twice weekly here in Florida.

  16. Junior

    I played a “found” Volvik Crystal 3-piece ball for 36 holes and consistently got 10-15 yards longer on drives and no loss in accuracy compared to using Noodle+ Easy Distance, Wilson C:25, Bridgestone e6, and Wilson Fifty Elite. This convinced me to get a dozen of these balls because I’ll eventually try to see if this “found” one swims, and it probably won’t! But that is its only drawback!

  17. Golfing Guy

    There is a reason why Volvik is so popular on the LPGA. The CP-3 is a fantastic ball, great feel, durable, and long! I am 66, hold a 3.0 Handicap Index and have a swing speed of 97 mph. Forget the high dollar golf balls if you aren’t able to capitalize on the ball performance built in. AND can you see these things clearly in the air. However, they are not going to spin back 10 feet, hop and stop mostly unless greens are very firm then I notice about a 10 foot skip before stopping. I bought 2 dozen and I have played 8 round with the same ball, they are hard to lose!

  18. Kix Porkie Alba

    My swing speed is not much (70 t0 85) but this Golf Ball gave me extra 10 to 20 yards. Good around the greens.

  19. Jacob m Anderson

    Played the best, played the worst. These are a great ball for a good price. Also they look super cool

  20. Mommy from Chicago

    Great balls for my swing speed. I love how bright the green are (much better than yellow). I find them excellent for driving long distances and putting.

  21. BDuBord

    The optic yellow makes these balls easy to find easy to focus on when hitting. In my opinion, the Volvik Crystal 3-piece golf ball plays on equal with Titleist NXT Tour. I play 3 to 4 times a week and around the greens they are as good as some higher priced balls.

  22. catmasterray

    Another great ball! Give me extra distance that I wanted. Color is easy to find in the fairway. Not bad price and free shippping!!!

  23. catmasterray

    Never said this before about any golf ball I’ve used (I’ve tried them ALL) but these balls seem to go about 30 yds further on my drives
    Also handle really well in the short game too. The orange color is much brighter than the ones offered by Wilson and Bridgestone etc.
    Its like someone switched the lights on when you see one of these sitting in the fairway.

  24. Lance P

    On my first hit with a blue ball it went straight and an extra 50 yards I was amazed I played three rounds be for I hit the water and lost it. I will be buying more.

  25. G3

    I have tried Callaway softer soft and Srixon Soft Feel. Neither of them hold a candle to this golf balls. You get the distance you expect but what got me was how I suddenly started spinning the ball back on my pitches and chips. I am not a good golfer. My handicap is about 20 right now but these balls give me confidence to carry hazards and now you can do it.

  26. Maci Wilson

    I’m a golf enthusiast and have been playing the game for over 20 years now. The first time I hit a Crystal Volvik 3 piece I blew it over a bunker that sits just inside the left side of the 1st fairway at Beacon Woods in Hudson, Florida. The guys I play with said it was 220 to carry the bunker and I hit my tee shot about 245. I’ve loved these balls since that first day I hit one.

  27. David Hall

    I’m a senior golfer, generally scoring in the mid-80s to low 90s, and have a slow swing speed. I also prefer to use a brightly-colored ball, which are much easier for me to track in flight, and find than traditional white golf balls. While I have been using the Wilson Fifty Elite golf ball for years with good results, I recently have changed to the Volvik Crystal ball in pink, with outstanding success. (Yes, most of my golf buddies gave me a hard time when I teed up a “ladies ball”…until they saw the clear improvement in my scores!) Even though Volvik balls cost twice as much as my Wilsons do, the improved performance is worth it, especially during tournaments.
    PRO: Durability; distance; low spin; variety of colors; soft feel for chipping and putting; no one hits my ball by mistake; rarely lost.
    CON: Higher price; not carried by most golf stores or pro shops.

  28. mpcornholio

    I’m in my 50s and my swing is slowing a bit. These are great balls for golfers with slower swing speeds.

  29. Danielle L.

    I love these balls. They feel great, and i can see them anywhere. Fast shipping

  30. Peter W. Hermann

    I don’t use these balls, my wife has always liked them and hits them quite well.

  31. russruss

    I actually prefer white but these work great. Hard to find good pink golf balls for men. Only reason I use these is because I was the biggest loser from the previous round. Penalty for sucking so much.

  32. James M Sumner

    Great visible, soft and moderately expensive balls. I like them a lot.

  33. David M. Collier

    It may be just psychological but it seems I get my longest drives with these golf balls.

  34. Lily Morgan

    Five Stars? Purchased balls as a gift for inspiring senior female golfer (> 80 y/o, plays up to 5 times/week, 18-holes, her winter course, 3 times/week, 18-holes, her summer course & participates in tournaments where usually four-man best ball and is always a contender!), who loves the ball, has a hard time finding it in pro shops and doesn’t use computers/internet shopping. They make her happy, her presence on the course, frequency inspires and makes me happy, the gift worth the smile/appreciation.

    Recipient likes the reflective shine of the “Crystal” on this brand better than other like described covers of golf ball brands. She prefers the white, has played the colors, and claims it makes it easier for her to spot her ball from those others use. She adds that it is just soft enough to give her self-admitted aged and abbreviated swing a little more height and distance than many of the high profile ball names for the intended use of both seniors and women, basis of their strokes.

  35. String

    I like the color. Only played twice with them, but didn’t scar easily. I can’t say it played any better than any other ball, but they felt good when I hit them, but realize I am a 68 year old handicap golfer who has been playing since I was 12.

  36. jdoh

    Hard low-spin cover. Love this ball. Only white polyurethane cover ball on market. Great if you’re trying to decrease spin (opposite of the proV series). Not great around greens but worth it.

  37. Jeri

    nice get good drives, only problem difficult to see in shaded areas. Love the color.

  38. Joe Aldridge

    Not much to say. These are good golf balls. My wife plays them and likes the way they feel. She is a 4 handicap golfer. I am an 8.

  39. cheesehead

    I bought these for fall golf. They are easy to find among the leaves, and the performance is as good as anything else I use.

  40. Sam Brady

    For a female golfer, I have fast head speed and a strong swing and hit the ball far. I had been using women’s balls as a default, not having much other choice, but I knew I could get more out of the ball. However, men’s balls like Titleist are too heavy not responsive enough for me, especially off the tee and on/around the green. A more experienced golfer recommended Volvik to me after telling me many LPGA are using this on the tour, and he thought it might work for me. These balls have worked GREAT for me, and I highly recommend them. Great for every shot, including putting. Added bonus is the bright flourescent colors means I won’t confuse my ball with others’ and they are easier to find.

  41. SickOfBluray

    I should say, my wife loves them, but if she loves them, then I love buying them for her. They actually travel pretty well.

  42. Tweedle392

    My wife love’s these, both for how they feel and their color options. She won’t play another golf ball. They give her a good amount of distance and spin around the green. She has convinced several people to switch to these.

  43. James Foxall

    I’m a hack so I can’t comment on the quality of flight vs. other balls, but I like how they hit and especially how easy it is to find them. :)

  44. timothy l hoak

    Not as long as I was led to believe

  45. olharv

    These vry lovely balls go far, are easily identifiable, and are a fun change from the old school white balls.

  46. Jim Krob

    I use Volviks exclusively, wish they hadn’t gotten popular so the price would have stayed more affordable. Excellent golf ball for a bogie golfer like myself.


    Volvik Crystal is the BOMB! Only problem: these are so beautiful I tend to keep them more as “trophies” than to actually bang the hell out of them on a golf course! Ha ha. Super bright colors makes playing into the rough fun. Volvik is my favorite ball of all time.

  48. Todd

    I love these golf balls. Long off tee and good spin with wedges. I buy pink for easy visual recognition. I’m the only guy at my course that plays that color.

  49. Mike Kramer

    I really liked the ball. With a new driver in hand, I not only was able to find the fairways, but was also longer than last year. Makes my next shot easier hitting from the short grass and from a shorter distance to the pin. I was also able to aim for the pin because the ball stopped where I hit it.

  50. hotshotannie

    Enjoy playing with crystal balls. These are great.. Glad to find them via Amazon

  51. richard

    Hate to lose these balls easy to spot, excellent for my game.

  52. betron

    These balls were as advertised and added distance to the drives


    Nice Ball could be a little softer though, over all… nice!!

  54. jojo

    I Love it! The ball give me about 50 or more yards. I’m glad that I purchased this ball. Will definitely purchase this again.

  55. MEK

    More run than other golf balls

  56. Mark C.

    I’ve been using these balls for a while. For me the performance isn’t that much different than Pro V’s, except that they do tend to run more on chips and short pitch shots. Not that big a deal for me. These balls are the easiest to see and find when playing.

  57. miekow

    I really like them. The vibrant orange color makes it easier to find on the course. The printed arrow on the ball is useful to line up for putting.

  58. Walter L. Austin

    great golf balls, and made a great gift

  59. fander

    Great for locating you ball when not on the fairway. 3 piece ball take flight upon impact.

  60. J. Hong

    I love these! wish I didn’t lose so many..:(

  61. Hunter4yu

    golf balls arrived on time and are great to hit, crisp feel and easy to see on greens, will buy again!

  62. G. Zimmerman Gerig

    I have been using these for 15 years. It was at first a ball from Korea. Low compression ball that really goes far (if hit properly!)

  63. JLD

    Colors are very bright so you can find your ball when you hit into the tall grass. It doesn’t fly very far. Still like them!!

  64. lenmongo

    Easy to spot and they play well.

  65. JCarr

    Great balls. I think. I’m a terrible golfer, so take this for what it’s worth. They very clearly out perform my cheapo balls I play on holes with a lot of forest or water and they look fantastic.

  66. Lewis Craig Brown

    This was a gift … the new owner has not complained or complimented me.

  67. Barbara Strecker

    I love the Volvik Ball!

  68. Debi

    Love these balls. Color is fantastic ..seem to get a little more distance with them

  69. Lab Mom

    Greatest golf ball ever!!!!

  70. TW1

    This color is hard to find around leaves. Orange is better

  71. Dave M.

    Good premium ball with high visibility and playability.

  72. katzstuff

    Love the color. Can easily find them on the course.

  73. LHF

    Love these golf balls! Best of all I rarely, if ever, have trouble spotting them on the course! And they’re never confused with the balls of my fellow-golfers!

  74. Gil Favor


  75. Gin Gin

    Love the colors for locating ball on course & love the arrow for putting & direction!

  76. Big worm

    Love these golf balls

  77. patti

    very good

  78. Currahees

    These are high quality balls…easy to find…they are becoming increasingly popular. I would buy them again.

  79. Robert Howl

    I switched from Titleist ProVIx because I wanted the additional distance. I gave up spin for distance.

  80. Richard Davis

    I’m not going to lie, I originally started playing this brand because of the colors available. I get really mad when a golf buddy hits one of my drives, and no doubt about it–these balls fix that. I started with their cheaper ball, played with their more expensive balls, and settled here. I play with the clubs between forged irons and real forgiveness, so my clubs give decent feedback. I’m certainly not the guy who will nail it and make it spin back on the second shot, but I am the guy who will probably chip in close with a 7-iron after an okay second shot. This ball had a great feel even on those little chips. I play with the orange ones, which are really bright.

  81. L.E.D.

    They are of good quality although I wish
    they were cheaper.

  82. Benozzo

    Very good ball and easy to find, especially the orange color

  83. Scottsdale Dude

    Easy to find golf balls on almost any course. No need to mark your ball. Love them — except on water holes which is my fault.

  84. FLJ

    These balls are exceptionally good! Initially bought the blue colored one for my child. After trying to red ones I was very pleasantly surprised. It’s sooooo easy to spot the ball because of its bright red color. Longer distance and very good control around and on the green. The line on the ball really helps to keep the putting line on target. I have since switched to these delightfully colorful golf balls from Pro V.

  85. Carolyn Cope

    Love these golfballs.They seem very user friendly and I have increased my distance. Go glad they are bright and easy to spot most anyplace.

  86. Sheridan

    These are great – only balls I will play with, plus they are more creamy in color than white so I always know which on my ball is.

  87. Leonardo67

    excellent look and feel

  88. Leonard Garcia

    I like the color and the feel when I hit theming l like putting them as well

  89. Timothy J Jamieson

    I like the colors and the feel 30$ is to expensive for me though

  90. Paul A

    got them for my wife. She loves them

  91. Linda DeCorte

    Love these golf balls. Easy to find on the fairways or in the rough.

  92. J. R.

    I bought these for my husband. He loves them and prefers to use them above all others.

  93. Clark Haugen

    Came quickly, bright, vivid color that makes it easy to follow them in the air. Feels good hitting them and have added about 30 yards to my drive, but they stil play well at mid-to-short distances. Would recommend, ended up buying another box at an Austad’s warehouse clearance and they were barley cheaper than buying from here.

  94. wedge1620

    Great ball and easy to see in the rough

  95. Ann M Fargnoli

    Bright colors, easy to see. A nice ball off the tee to green.

  96. Kit Birmingham

    Easy to find in the long grass and good distance

  97. Susan Kay Henson

    Love the flight of the ball. It seems to go farther for me than other balls. I play with crystal pink or crystal orange. Easy to find just off the fairways.

  98. Cindi Holt

    My favorite ball. Great for a slower swing speed. Great distance and the yellow it clearly seen! I HATE when I lose my Volviks!!!!

  99. jawdoc

    Easy to find on the golf course
    Like the distance But my game still sucks

  100. d tolin

    Seem like good balls for a “not a pro” golfer. Also very visible.

  101. M. Sabes

    I bought these almost as a prank. I gave the green sleeve to my golf buddy as a prank. The joke is on me, however. The green is more of a yellow-green and are quite visible in the grass of the fairway.
    My buddy and I both enjoy playing with these golf balls.

  102. Cheryl

    I bought these bright red balls because I knew no one else would have this color. Love that I can see the balls super far away!

  103. Brunzie

    Love these and they are easy to see…really fly even with slow speed swing

  104. Conquistador

    Love the balls

  105. Sheila Burgess

    I actually found one of these on the golf course, and I loved the “glow.” Nice soft feel too.

  106. william b

    I seem to get a few extra yards from these balls.

  107. wbv RI

    My favorite ball

  108. Neeky

    Arrived fast and as pictured.

  109. Philip K. Buchanan

    Didn’t improve my score but sure are pretty and durable.

  110. StaceyB

    These balls are awsome! Easy to see and seem to add to my distance! Love!

  111. fields

    These are fantastic; like the Nitros, I like how easy these make it to find my golf balls (as a beginner, I have a hard time following and finding my shot sometimes). Helps me and my friends get back on track when I’m in the weeds!

  112. isabelle lessard

    Exactly what I wanted from a golf ball

  113. Larry Larson

    given as gift. User likes them very much.

  114. chris

    Thought these would show up nicely win the fall leaves but still find white easier to see. These hit like other super soft balls but tend to wear and chip easier than some other balls (IMO). Still like the vibrant colors.

  115. Devan

    My dad loves these balls. They’re all the rage at his favorite course. Highly Recommend!

  116. peggy wolicki

    I love the crystal look. For me as an average golfer these balls are great for me. They do fly and can be seen easily.

  117. Billinn

    Love the Volvik. I would go with the matte finish from here on out, as that is just my personal preference. Can be found in any lie, and the ball itself has great feel. Would buy again(in matte finish though)

  118. Dixie Kay Courtney

    My husband really likes these golf balls.

  119. Debra J.

    Very Bright, my husband loves these golf balls.

  120. KB0901

    Very easy to see and fly great. A little pricey and they sound a little different when they come off the head of the club. Will take some time getting used to, but so far I like them.

  121. Nyra W.

    Crystal Ruby balls were great for our Santa Ball Tournament

  122. Rick

    This was a gift for group. They liked balls. Now two of the guys are playing Volviks.

  123. Fred Dotson


  124. Herbert

    Volviks feel great and the colors really stand out. No mistaking who’s ball is who’s when you play with the red or green ones. They have a solid feel but not hard.

  125. Herbert

    These balls really pop. They feel great and they look great too. Never any question about who’s ball is who’s when you play these. Good feel on these too.

  126. Diane Lee

    These balls are the best! No one else that I play with has these balls and they are always losing theirs. I never lose these (unless I hit one into the creek!). No matter the terrain colors, these balls WILL show up! My friends have been asking me where to get them. I love how they shine!!

  127. leon sizemore

    great distance and control

  128. TBear

    My husband loves these – especially when wearing sun glasses

  129. JillBean

    these colvin crystal golf balls are fantastic. they have distance on the fairway and are grippy on the greens. love them.

  130. patricia

    Great quality golf balls and very easy to spot.

  131. Jamnjer

    Great Balls!! Drive far

  132. Jacki, MN

    Like the bright color. Works well for early morning golf.

  133. Hannah

    Love these!!!!!

  134. Jim, Stuart, FL

    I purchased a dozen of the Volvik golf balls because teaching pro Paul Wilson of Ignition uses them. Had never heard of them before. I was amazed on how smooth the ball is with dimples smoother and less pronounced than other quality balls. They are very easy to see with a white glowing appearance, and if you are in the rough a lot as I am, finding them is much easier than other balls. I would definitely purchase them again. I play golf about once a week. I will not use these nice balls on water holes or holes where there is a likelihood of my losing a ball. They are worth saving for the more wide open holes and make really good balls for putting and around the green.

  135. Gabbi

    Easy to find off edge of fairway good soft feel

  136. Ohio Grandma

    Excellent balls

  137. riley


  138. mely71212

    The balls are as good and perform as well as I had hoped. The reason for 4 stars is because I ordered Pink and when I got them and compared them to one that I had before these are not pink. Don’t know if it is a different style or what caused the color issue but will probably try again and see if I have better luck next time.


    Color is easy to find in the fairway and grass

  140. Slim

    Love the color selection, great golf balls as advertised, and love that the packaging as each color had its own small packaging (3 per color, for 4 colors) all combined in a larger box for a total of 12. Yes, I would recommend same, and they make great “miniature golf ball” as well!

  141. Kelly

    These golf balls have added distance to my drive.

  142. G M F J

    Only played one round but I love them. They hit long and are easy to find.

  143. M. Owen

    Like! Impossible to lose LOL


    Mike C.–March 6, 2020–
    Found one of these balls on the course. Have used it for at least five rounds.
    So far NO blemishes either as I have hit the cart path a couple of times.
    The color I am using is the bright orange. Love the arrow on the ball for lineup.

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