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    New XT Soft


    3 piece urethane cover soft compression & explosive distance

    - Explosive Distance delivered by Volvik’s Extreme Power Core. - Accurate Greenside Control with VU-X Urethane Cover. - Cube Octahedron Dimple Design provides Ball Flight Stability. - VU-X Urethane Cover maximizes Feel & Shot Shaping Control. - V•A•S (Volvik Alignment System) Created as a visual key off the tee and on the green.

  • Tour VS4


    Tour performance & consistent control

    - Recommended for swing speeds 90-110 mph - Maximum distance and steady straight flight with new high density ALX power core - VS4 Hybrid Soft Mantle delivers consistent control & soft feel - V•FOCUS System improves putting accuracy - 90 Compression - Patented 366 Dimple Design


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