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ORLANDO, Florida (April 2, 2019) – Volvik USA (, a rapidly-growing, premium high-performance golf ball company, earned top marks on the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List. The Volvik Tour S3 and Tour S4 golf balls received Gold Medal ratings on Golf Digest’s “Best New Golf Balls” Equipment list for this year, in the over $35 category.

“We are proud that our Tour S3 and Tour S4 golf balls have been recognized at the highest level in the Golf Digest Hot List rankings,” said Don Shin, president of Volvik USA. “The Tour S3 and Tour S4 golf balls are the penultimate signature Volvik brand, providing premium performance benefits to players who demand the very best.”

Both the Volvik S3 and S4 models feature patented VU-X urethane cover and bismuth core construction technology for tour-level performance and pinpoint accuracy. The S3 and S4 have received wide acclaim among professional and highly skilled amateur players around the world.

Golf Digest rated products based on four criteria (Performance, Innovation, Feel and Demand) and conducted player testing at the Marriott Grande Vista Resort in Orlando, Fla. The process included full swings and numerous short-game shots.

With an ever-increasing number of both tour and amateur players finding success with Volvik, the company continues to extend its recognition and presence throughout the golf industry.

About Volvik Tour S3 and Tour S4

Volvik Tour S3 balls offer maximum distance for players with driver swing speeds from 95-110 mph, creating a mid-launch, low spin trajectory. They feature a unique three-piece oversized BISMUTH mixed core construction, a patented VU-X Urethane cover, 85 compression and 336 dimples for excellent control and pin-seeking accuracy. The S3 is offered in White and Orange Glossy color options.

Volvik Tour S4 balls provide maximum distance for swing speeds over 105 mph. This product provides a high launch, low spin off the driver, and high greenside wedge spin. The S4 features a four-piece BISMUTH dual core construction, patented VU-X Urethane cover, 90 compression and 336 dimples, providing outstanding control and consistency. The S4 is offered in White and Green Glossy color options and both products feature a unique outline of hearts, diamond, spades and clubs outlined around each number.

About Volvik

With over 38 years of golf ball production, Volvik has led the way with unparalleled innovation, rapidly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world. Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3- and 4-piece multi-layer high performance golf balls for players of every skill set, featuring 58 worldwide patents. Volvik’s patented SF matte coating has led to the development of Vivid, the world’s first matte finish golf ball.

Volvik’s product line portfolio has been in use on the world’s professional tours since 2012. Players using Volvik golf balls have earned millions of dollars in prize money on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, Tour, Ladies European Tour, LAGT and Symetra Tour, with multiple victories. The Volvik Vivid XT is the official golf ball of the World Long Drive tour, and Volvik is the title sponsor of the Volvik World Long Drive Championship. The Vivid XT provides high visibility from Volvik’s patented SF matte coating, and explosive distance and power from its patented dual core technology.