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– High Launch, low spin creates more Distance generated by Volvik’s Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core.
– Improved Greenside Control with Consistent Spin from Soft V-HPF Mantle
– Volvik’s Unique High Gloss Metallic Coating increases Flight Visibility & Durability.
– Patented 322 Dimple Design delivers Ball Flight Consistency and Exceptional Distance.

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Choose from over 30 color options and two distinct cover finishes from the KING of COLOR……….VOLVIK!

Select your favorite VOLVIK golf ball and add your logo or personalization message.


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Weight 2 lbs
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Orange, Pink, White, Yellow

5 reviews for Solice

  1. SamK (verified owner)

    I bought a dozen Solice Pink and Yellow. Pink for my wife and the Yellow for myself. My first impression of these balls when I received them was “those are GOLF balls?” The packaging is indicating that these balls are different than the others out there. The surface shines like the inside of a clam and radiates a jewelry gloom – my wife loves it – guess the next anniversary gift has to be a Perl or another dozen of these Solice balls.
    How do you pronounce these balls? Sol-Ice, Solicé, or Soliçe – better keep ordering them online, then I don’t need to trouble myself with pronouncing them incorrectly.
    My first impression on the golf course – for a jewelry-like golf ball the Solice has a nice sound on contact with my driver. The metallic “ping” sound provides a feel of “solid” contact and believe it or not I think even my wife gained additional 20 yards on her drive playing the Solice ball.
    With the glossy, metal coating you wouldn’t expect to get much Feel and Control on the short game and putting – BUT Volvik proofed me wrong. Surprisingly the Solice provides spin and control for my short game and feels soft when putting. Did it lower my score? Unfortunately not, but I enjoyed my round with these new Solice.

    Well done – Volvik, I really like the Solice.

  2. Jill P. (verified owner)

    Beautiful golf ball

  3. Marshal (verified owner)

    Don’t know what Volvik did but I absolutely love the way these balls sound. They sound almost metallic coming off the driver and irons and I swear Volvik must have tuned them to make them sound that way. Great Distance, Excellent Feel & Control. Everything I want out of a golf ball. Would definitely recommend for any handicap.

  4. Caitlin Eberly (verified owner)

    I bought a dozen of these golf balls to try something new and the moment I hit my drive on the course it went further than my normal yardage.
    I love the sparkle on the golf ball and how it feels when I hit my shots. I couldn’t find any other ball like this that fit my swing speed and my handicap is about a 3 or 4, glad I found the right golf ball for me.

  5. ProHGolfer87 (verified owner)

    Just bought a dz for my wife, and she absolutely loves it. She loves the color and the way it sparkles. To top it off, she almost got a hole in one within inches on a 85 yd par 3. I’m guessing the aesthetics of the ball helped her hit it better. Best gift for your female compadre!

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